Need some inspiration to help you create a business that is truly amazing and out of this world?

Stuck? Creative juices stopped flowing. No idea what to do next. In need of inspiration? Need help moving on? It doesn’t matter if you have never started a business or have already made a start we all need inspiration sometimes. Something different that will get those creative juices flowing again.

Is it time to look at things from a different perspective?

How about comparing developing a business to sowing and growing seeds? That’s right look at what you can learn from the most amazing system of passing on information in the world. Seeds contain all the information necessary to grow a new plant whether it is a tree or a blade of grass. The aim is to help you, the product developer, take a fresh look at what you are doing by making comparisons with the natural world. Comparisons that are designed to make you think.

Who is Lily?

Susan known as Lily the Pink I’m Lily and I started to teach adults to use computers in the days when a 1 Gb hard drive was something amazing, all file names had to have 8 letters or less and floppy disks were the only portable storage medium available. Yes it was a very different world back then.

There are however, some things, that do not change. I realised then that some people need links and analogies to help them understand concepts. They need to move from what they know to what they don’t know. They need something to stimulate ideas not tell them what to do. I realised that most people who develop programs to help people say that their program works best so try it. By the time you have looked at 2 or 3 different systems your head is in a whirl. Where do you start? How do you break through that stuck feeling?

Sowing and Growing a Business

What can we learn from the biggest creation project of all time to help us with creating out own business? What secrets can we learn from the world’s first product creation system? What is there to learn from the best and most successful system in the world? Topics covered include:

Working with others — For a plant to produce seeds it needs the help of other plants or even other creatures. In order to create information products we need the help of other people.

Soil types and how the soil can be improved — Some things just will not grow in some soils but if you use them to make compost it will be easier to grow good crops next time. Mistakes can be a help rather than a hindrance, if we are willing to learn from them.

What to plant and where — Gardeners use companion planting, sacrificial planting even restrictive planting to get good results. How can ideas like these help your information product?

Protecting your seedlings — There are many pests small and large that damage seedlings from micro-organisms to four footed beasts. Different tactics are needed to keep your seedling information products safe and secure from different pests.

Those are just 4 of the topics covered in the 12 chapters of this book. In other words it is packed with ideas to set you thinking. Yes over 60 000 words and over 90 images to set you thinking about what you should be doing next. It really is a full sized book and it is all original. No recycled or duplicate content that you know that you have seen somewhere before.

There is just one problem because it is an original book it is like a good wine and takes time to mature. It is nearly done but not quite. We want to be able to tell you when when it is ready so that you know when to come back. If this is what you want as well fill in the form below and we will let you know when it is ready.

P.S.This is a project of Lily the Pink Education CIC. In British law a CIC or community interest company has to have a community interest statement. The CIC regulator expects Lily the Pink Education CIC’s activities and profits to benefit those in mental distress. For more information go to Lily the Pink Education’s home on the web.